Phonotron 1.0

Vocal Editing Software

Phonotron is a voice changer software program that is capable of modifying a recorded voice audio. This editing software is capable of offline vocal editing, which is ideal for people who create electronic music or who want to experiment with vocal shifts.

Phonotron's key feature is its preservation of natural pitch shifts. At the same time, it offers flexible line creation and manipulation using the pitch shifts.

Also, you can create melodies and apply effects to human voice audio for some electronica music feel to your composition. The interface of this software displays an interactive graphical curve of the vocal samples so that you can also visually edit parts or navigate to a specific part of the vocal line.

Aside from the vocal tone, vocal color and timbre can also be adjusted to fit your preferences. The graphical curve is an ideal part of the software for manipulating color and timbre.

Overall, Phonotron is a good alternative to expensive vocal editing software. It is easy to use, and does not use up large system resources to operate.

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